The  Sisters’ Wing  is the most active and organized  group within the  ICN structure. The Wing is credited for  successfully organizing the ICN annual picnics and community iftars mainly by raising funds from members of their group . The Sisters’ Wing has also directly contributed funds and encouraged their children to raise funds for the construction of the ICN Mosque. In the past years it had arranged sisters  halaqas (gatherings) to promote the understating of Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Sisters’ Wing has also  played a vital role in raising substantial funds for furnishing the ICN Multipurpose Hall and the kitchen facilities . For the few functions held in the new hall, the sisters have made all out efforts to keep the hall facilities absolutely clean and tidy.

The  ICN Community gratefully  acknowledges the outstanding support and cooperation  extended by the Sisters’ Wing to various activities of the Center and wishes them all the best in their future onerous responsibilities crucial to the successful functioning of ICN.