President:                        Mr. Shahbaz Sikander

Vice-President:               Dr. Khalid Hussain

Secretary:                       Dr. Laeeq Azmat Tahirkheli

Treasurer:                       Mr.Ashar Charolia

Masjid Manager:            Mr.Mohammed Mohsin Khan


The Board of Directors (BOD) has the management and operation responsibility of the Islamic Center of Northland. The Board will regularly brief the members about the current and planned  ICN activities and the Center’s  financial situation. The board encourages all members to suggest feasible improvements in the functioning of ICN .



Mr. Arfan Paroya

Dr. Mudassar Amin

Eng. Nisar Sheriff

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is responsible to oversee the functioning of the ICN , ensuring that the core values and purposes of the Center (incorporated in its Constitution) are faithfully reflected in the operational process and intervening to block any action that is considered to be detrimental to the interest of ICN  member community.