The Islamic Center of Northland

“ A Center of Knowledge, Learning, and Guidance for Humanity”


Need for an Islamic Center for the Northland Community:


The number of Muslim families settling in the North Kansas City and the adjacent areas of Parkville, Liberty, Gladstone, Claycomo, Riverside, Weatherby Lake, Lake Waukomis and Smithville, has been steadily increasing over the past two decades. To cater for the religious, spiritual, social and educational needs of the growing Northland Muslim community as well as to serve as a focal point for Dawah and interfaith dialogue, there was an urgent need to establish an Islamic Center in the area starting with the construction of a Mosque.

Accordingly in 2004, the Islamic Center of Northland (ICN) was incorporated with the State of Missouri, as a Nonprofit  Organization and its Board of Directors  were elected  as per the Constitution. With no premises of its own, the ICN arranged to rent a hall  at the Hillcrest Church Facilities on Vivion Road, Kansas City for the Friday prayers and the Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan. This ad-hoc arrangement continued for about 14 years thanks to the courtesy of the Hillcrest Church.


Completion of ICN Mosque project:


With the generous contributions of the Muslim Community in the Northland and the surrounding areas as well as outside the country, the ICN Mosque was completed in November, 2017 on part of the land parcel of 10.19 acres that was  purchased by ICN in June 2010. The Mosque has  congregation facilities on the ground floor with separate washroom and Wudu (ablution) facilities. The finished basement consists of an open hall area to seat 300 persons, a fully equipped kitchen facility, 2 rooms for Sunday Islamic classes, a room for washing the dead according to the Islamic way, washrooms for men and women and the storage area. The Mosque is now fully functional with 5 daily prayers, Friday prayer, Traweeh prayers in Ramadan and the community functions.


Future plans:

Depending on the evolving needs of the Northland Muslim community and the availability of funds, the ICN plans to utilize the remaining land area of over 5 acres to build a full-time Islamic School, a large community hall, children play grounds and possibly apartment units .